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Seven Business Website Essentials to Optimize This Summer

by | Website Content

Summer is notorious for a slowdown in new business. Your business website is one of the most important places to focus on during this season. So as the lull hits, now is the perfect chance to run a website optimization to set you up for success and growth in Q3 and beyond.

Here are Seven Website Essentials to Optimize:

1) Inbound Traffic

Look over your Google Ads and Meta Ads panels to ensure the right ads are running and everything is working properly. Review your ad performance and budgets to align with your future goals. If you have PPC ads turned on, be sure to check those as well.

2) Website Messaging

Visit the top pages on your website and review your written messaging. Confirm that details are up-to-date, business descriptions are accurate, content is easy to understand, and fonts are legible. If you’re noticing that website visitors are leaving without taking action, then you probably have a messaging problem. There is a gap between what you are explaining, and what visitors need to know in order to act. Our Website Essentials Blueprint can help you solve this messaging problem.

3) Website Design

Check your site on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Review how your visual elements, buttons, and menus adjust for each device and how it impacts visitor engagement.

4) Website Technology

Visit your website dashboard and confirm your calls to action, resources, and lead magnets are connected to your email and follow-up systems so you’re tracking leads effectively. Then test your forms, chatbots and other elements to make sure they function as expected.

5) Google Business Profile

Log in to your Google Business Profile and review your business details, photos, and information. Read through recent reviews and make note of ones you could share elsewhere as social proof. Consider updates to include seasonal information or promotions you’ve planned for the fall.

6) Google Analytics

Review your Google Analytics site reports and look for trends in Acquisition, Engagement, Monetization, and Retention. Take note of the Landing Page report and consider how you might capture leads or direct more traffic to key pages. Consider adding conversion tracking to better manage leads and gather data customer journeys.

7) Google Search Console

Check out your Google Search Console panel. Look over the Overview, Performance, and Indexing Overviews. Review the Search Console Insights to get an overview of recent engagement. Then dive into the Page indexing reports to see what content is, and isn’t, currently indexed by Google and make updates as needed.

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